So, here is our current flavor lineup! They are all made with fresh stuff, because that’s how it should be.  Jack’s Crackers: Who Knew a Cracker Could Be This Much Fun! 

All of our products are made with natural ingredients sourced as close to our Keene, NH home as possible.  Many are also Vegan friendly; with no animal products at all.  The spectrum of flavors goes from mild to bold, and are great by themselves or paired with your favorite toppings.  Bet you never even knew there was a cracker spectrum, did you?

They come in a 4.5-ounce bag with a picture of our Jack on the label. He wants you to know he supervises the production of each and every batch.  From the couch in the living room.  With his eyes closed….

Our Current Flavors:

Red Wine Crackers: This is where it all started. Made as part of a cooking contest, we realized we were on to something when the judge stole the leftovers! Savory, and a bit sweet, great by themselves or with a jam or cheddar, romano, or goat cheese. 

White Wine Crackers: Alter ego to our original flavor. These crackers have a subtle flavor that works well as a palate cleanser, goes well with a bit of fresh fruit or preserves, cheese, prosciutto, or whatever else your heart desires on a cracker.

Strawberry Crackers: Is there anything better than fresh strawberries? These crackers keep a bit of summer inside them, and taste great any time of the year. Great with peanut butter, or cream cheese or dipping chocolate; maybe with a little mint. A glass of milk also works quite well with these crackers.

Fire Crackers: These are something different. It’s not too often that you find a snack with a “slow burn” that starts with a really great taste. Then the fire and smoke kicks in; thanks to Papa’s Angry Sauce from Little Zoe’s. Some folks like these with hot pepper jelly or a strong cheese. Maybe even a little smoked salmon.

Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil: Jack’s mom came up with this particular flavor combination. Sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and asiago cheese are the legs of this cracker. During our research phase, it became very popular; with numerous requests being received to get access to them! These are great by themselves, with some smoked mozzarella, hummus, or even with a little tuna. Yes, tuna. You gotta try it!

Cocoa-pow Crackers: Who doesn’t like chocolate? Not many, from what we can tell. These crackers are based on a molé, spicy hot chocolate recipe that got our attention. It’s got an intense chocolate start (Cocoa), with a slightly spicy finish (the pow) thanks to Papa’s Angry Sauce from Little Zoe’s. Early version of these crackers went missing from one of our test sites because someone liked them a little too much…

Cranberry Cornbread: Like a graham cracker’s laid back cousin, these crackers catch the flavor of cranberries, sage, mushrooms, and cornbread in a taste reminiscent of good home cooking. Your belly will be very happy that you tried these.

FAPA Crackers.  These cracker contain classic New England flavors; maple syrup, apples, and cider. In case you're curious, FAPA means Foster and Adoptive Parents are Awesome!  You should consider becoming one. A portion of the profits from these crackers go to support foster and adoptive parent associations in New Hampshire.

Coming Soon!

The Fallen Vegan: Buttermilk & Bacon Cracker.  This cracker was created for a good friend from college who was vegan; but was lured back to the meat eating fold by that wonder of the morning that we call buttermilk biscuits with bacon gravy. Made with real buttermilk and bacon fat, this is most surely a carnivore’s cracker. Nothing says love like bacon and biscuits. Trust us on this.


and still more to come....