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Random Acts of Pastry #1: About the Start of the Project.

It’s been a crazy time.  The world has changed so much in so few days.  We all are looking for ways to make sense of it all.  As part of the meaning making for myself, I’m going back to my tongue in cheek adage for though time:  “When the going gets tough, the tough get baking.”

For a while, I was looking for a way to do something to help out in these challenging times.  Generally, you feel better when you’re doing something that in some way contributes to the good that needs doing.  I’m technically in the “higher risk” category when it comes to age, which means volunteering in the community is not a highly ideal thing.  So, coming up with a way to contribute lead me to the idea of Random Acts of Pastry.  It combines social participation and baking.  What more could one want?

The model for this particular piece of performance art is as follows: Make a simple pastry for or send crackers to a local organization to show appreciation for their efforts in  the community during the difficult times. It can be an organization, a section of a larger organization, a business, etc.  That organization then picks the next group to get a pastry.  Once they decide, post what the last organization was and prepare item for the next one.

We’re two weeks in and it’s gone from “simple” to some more elaborate stuff.  I’ve come upon an astounding website on baking,

That has really great tutorials on basic baking principles  and technique.  I’m pulling recipes from this site fro the project.  This gives me fascinating options and helps me improve my baking chops a long the way.  I’ll be documenting the projects in this blog, and will try to include links to the recipes as well.

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