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Random Act of Pastry #8 Cherry Clafoutis: Getting back into the mix(er)

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks; which hopefully explains why we’ve been quiet. There’s been a seasonal surge in orders starting, which is always good. There was also the breakdown of our most important piece of baking kit, the sheeter. Not a good thing at all, to say the least. We got by for a bit using a pasta roller connected to a stand mixer. Just like the good old days when we started, though it takes a VERY long time. Thankfully, The Bread Shed lent us their sheeter for a weekend to finish off a rush order. We will be forever grateful. It’s nice to live in a community where folks look out fo reach other.
With an opening in the schedule, we decided to try something a little different. This week’s pastry is a Cherry Clafoutis. It’s different in that the recipe requires un-pitted, fresh cherries which we happened to find. The batter is quite loose and includes eggs, flour, almond flour, vanilla, sugar, and milk. You give the batter a quick mix, and pour it over the washed and de-stemmed cherries that are placed in a greased pie pan. Bake for an hour and you have a fruity cross between a soufflé and a pancake that gets topped with powdered sugar.
This pasty was presented to the staff at Keene City Hall. They have been working their tails off to keep things going smoothly during these difficult times. They deserve our thanks.
Follow this link to the recipe.

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