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Food and Eating: A bit on why we do what we do and the importance of playing with your food.

So, we’re a food company. We make crackers. Really good crackers if we do say so ourselves. It’s been an adventure learning about how to make good food. It’s also been a passion for quite a while. As the company has started growing, so has our thinking about our products and what we do. We all have a multi-dimensional relationship with food. It’s sustenance, it’s a social lubricant, it’s big part of tradition, and it can be a medicine or a drug under certain circumstances. We all have our own personal histories with food; our traditional meals and the like. Food and eating are the stuff of life, both in the literal and metaphorical sense.
And there seems to be a lot of mystique around the creation of good food. Cooking, for many people, has a secret mojo to it; much in the way that making music does for some folks. Those who know how to do it are thought to have a secret sauce (pardon the pun) that lets them do things the ordinary person can’t do. From personal experience in both food and music, truth be told, it’s more about putting in the hours than it is about a special something. If you’re passionate about a thing, you just have to learn about it, practice it, study it until it just starts oozing out of you through the things you create. At least that’s the current thinking around here.
As we are moving forward with Jack’s Crackers, we’ve chosen to put our focus on not only our products but on helping people learn about good food. By good food, we don’t mean fancy, rarified culinary performance art. We’re relatively normal people who believe good food is something that everyone should have, and that everyone can create. Creating good food does not have to be a complicated thing. It’s knowing how things go together and why certain combinations work. In a former life as a musician, time and effort were put into learning what notes work with what other notes and how to put a bunch of notes together to make pretty things for your ears. Creating food seems to be a very similar thing. It’s putting together flavors and textures to create pretty things for your mouth. One way of looking at it is that, much like one learns to play an instrument, we can learn to play our food. With a little study both food and music can create wonderful things for the senses.
So, one of our goals is to help folks get a better understanding of how to play with your food in the culinary sense. If you watch our social media, you’ll see we’re sharing recipes, food photos, quotes on food and eating, and other things to tickle the senses. We want to help other people to learn about making and enjoying good food. It’s not as hard as one might think. Get good, fresh, local ingredients, combine them with other good local stuff, add some kind of change agent (heat, cold, acid, fat, a blender or what have you) and the Bob’s your uncle! You’ve got something wonderful to eat and to share.
Good food is pretty easy, and its even better when shared with good people. We hope to help you learn about making and eating good food, and about how to really, really taste your food. But that’s a whole other topic for a later date. Hope you come along for the ride.

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