The Flavors

All of our products are made with natural ingredients sourced as close to our Keene, NH home as possible.  Many are also Vegan friendly; with no animal products at all.  The spectrum of flavors goes from mild to bold, and are great by themselves or paired with your favorite toppings.  Bet you never even knew there was a cracker spectrum, did you?

They come in a 4.5-ounce bag with a picture of our Jack on the label. He wants you to know he supervises the production of each and every batch.  From the couch in the living room.  With his eyes closed….

Our Current Flavors

Dill Cracker Bag

Dill Cracker

When we floated the possibility of making a Dill Cracker, we were met with lots of enthusiastic responses.  People who…

Seasonal/special Order

Custom Crackers

Custom Crackers for your business or organization:

We can custom design a cracker to meet your wants or needs, Flavor, shape, size, or whatever. Just get in touch and we'll hook you up


"Such tasty crackers and great care put into making them. I highly recommend!!!"
Kelle S.
"Delicious crackers!!! Great for entertaining and snacking!"
Shannon H.