On becoming a cracker nerd and the Cracker Spectrum:

Over the last several months, there's been a lot of effort to perfect and tweak our recipes.  Along with a mess of baking, there's also been a lot of reading on flavor and taste.  Jack's mom say she can tell from the look on my face when I'm thinking about crackers these days. 

One ting that has come into focus is that we offer a spectrum of flavors in our products.  They go from mild and subtle to outrageously bold.  It's an odd metaphor but it works.  Much like you see graphs of the qualities of tone woods with acoustic guitars (my other nerd obsessession), I'm thinking we will need, in time, a graph of the flavor qualities of our crackers to illustrate the great spectrum of crunch.  I'll have to get in that soon.


Here we go..

Today, we received our license to operate a food establishment.  From here, we are anxiously awaiting our labels.  Then, the baking and distribution begins in earnest. and in Keene and Peterborough as well....