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Jack’s Crackers is the result of a happy accident, a love of cooking, and a trio of cats.  I have always had a passion for cooking; as my wife can attest.  She is one to bring up recipes and then I figure out how to mess with it to make something wonderful.  I’ve always liked taking on challenges when it came to food as well; which leads us to how this whole thing got started..

In the recent past, I was invited to participate in a cooking contest. This particular contest involved being given a set of ingredients and creating a dish from these things.  I got a kit that include hot pepper oil and pasta; among other things.  Just to keep things from being too simple, I got the idea of making a “bowl” out of something edible; and the red wine cracker was the result.  The dish came in second to a truly amazing dessert.  The curious thing was that a goodly number of the leftover crackers went missing; and were later found to be in the possession of the contest judge.  This made me think that we might just have something pretty cool here. And so it goes..

Jack’s Crackers are made with fresh, local ingredients from the Keene, New Hampshire area..  We source things as close to home as we can, and focus on freshness and flavor.  There is really nothing like them, as you can find out for yourself with just a taste.  

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People Love 'Em!

People do seem to love Jack’s Crackers! We’re pretty sure once you try a bit, you’ll be a lover as well! 

Kelle S.

"Such tasty crackers and great care put into making them. I highly recommend!!!”

Cheryl G.

"Bought some at monadnock oil love them. Great taste and very light. Congrats”

Nancy D.

"Variety, spunk, spicey, yum. Goes with everything!”